Tetra Nitrate Minus


Tetra NitrateMinus

Tetra NitrateMinus reduces the algae nutrient nitrate (NO3-) reliably and in a natural way.

  • The contained particles promote the activeness of microorganisms, which feed on nitrate and break it down biologically
  • For better water quality
  • For all freshwater and marine aquariums
  • 100 ml for 400 litres of aquarium water
  • 250 ml for 1,000 litres of aquarium water
  • Recommendation: Aerate the aquarium throughout the night. 
    Application: Shake well before use. Add 2.5 ml per 10 l of aquarium water weekly. The visible particles will spread out and sink slowly to the bottom of the tank. Tetra NitrateMinus is completely harmless for aquarium inhabitants and plants. Check the nitrate value (NO3-) in the aquarium e.g. with the Tetra Test 6in1 or with Tetra Test NO3-. Use Tetra NitrateMinus when the nitrate value is too high. The activation process of the nitrate reducing microorganisms might take a few weeks and depends on the starting amount of nitrate and the other water parameters in the aquarium. Organic pollution in the aquarium leads to a continuous increase of the nitrate level. Regular usage of Tetra NitrateMinus helps to reach a low nitrate level (<50 mg/l) and to keep it stable.