Tetra Crystal Water


Tetra CrystalWater

Tetra CrystalWater cleans dirt particles from the aquarium water fast, safely and reliably. For crystal clear aquarium water.

  • The selected minerals remove haziness of all kinds
  • With its gentle mode of action, it is absolutely harmless for all aquarium inhabitants and quickly provides crystal clear water
  • The effectiveness of the product becomes visible by a white cloud, which is not dangerous and clears away after a few hours
  • The active ingredients in Tetra CrystalWater bind small particles in the water into larger ones that can then be filtered from the water by the aquarium filter
  • For an optimum effect the filter should be cleaned regularly
  • First effects are visible after 2 to 3 hours; the water is crystal clear within 6 to 12 hours
  • For all freshwater aquariums
  • Application: When opacities add 5 ml per 10 l of aquarium water. 2.5 ml per 10 l if the KH value is ≤ 3° dH. Wait at least 48 hours before applying a second dose. 24 hours should elapse between the usage of Tetra CrystalWater and a water conditioner, e.g. Tetra AquaSafe.