Easy Life Kalium - Potassium


Extra potassium when needed


Easy-Life Potassium is an essential  macronutrient and  and is at least as important as iron!


Potassium for green aquarium plantsA shortage of potassium easily arises in areas with soft water. 
This demonstrates itself by white, decolourized leaves in the top of a plant. The leaves may also have black pinholes. 
These symptoms are often confused with the symptoms of a deficiency of iron. It is recommended to add both Easy-Life Ferro and 
Easy-Life Potassium to compensate for or prevent deficiencies, particularly in aquaria with fast-growing plants.


Usage of Easy-Life Potassium


Best is to use potassium together with iron, to exclude defieciencys and to be sure both elements are present.

In case of heavy planted aquariums or in areas with soft water: Use weekly Potassium. Normal dosage is 10 ml per 100 litres.