• Ciano Emotions PRO 80


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    This new range of aquariums will help you discover all the beauty of the Aquarium thanks to its attractive lines and of excellent quality. An easy-to-maintain Aquarium allowing maximum access to the inside of the Aquarium.

    • 1 Biological filter CFBIO150 Ciano®
    • 1 Water pump 260l/h
    • 2 Doses WATER CLEAR "M" Ciano® (Chemical Filtration)
    • 2 Doses BIO-BACT "M" Ciano® (Biological Filtration)
    • 1 foam FOAM "L" Ciano® (Mechanical Filtration)
    • 1 LED lighting system CLE80 Ciano® – 24W | IP67
    • 1 Heater 150W
    • 1 Installation Guide

    Aquarium Dimensions L81,2 x W40,2 x H56 cm
    Stand Dimensions L81 x W40 x H83 cm
    Useful volume 142L