Aquarian Vegetable Flake Food


AQUARIAN Vegetable Flake Food contains all the natural nutrients of AQUARIAN Flake but is specifically designed for fish that enjoy vegetable matter in their diet.

100% Complete and balanced diet.

 Enriched with natural kelp, the flakes provide a great source of minerals and iron to give vegetable-eating fish a complete and balanced diet.

Which fish? For fish that enjoy eating algae and plant material as part of their natural diet.

Suitable for coldwater, tropical and marine fish.

How to feed: Feed 2 times a day as a complete diet for herbivorous fish (e.g. mollies, some cichlids, loaches and barbs). For herbivorous marine fish (e.g. tangs and some blennies) feed once a day in conjunction with AQUARIAN Marine Flake Food. Only feed them as much as they can eat within 5 minutes. Remove any uneaten food.

Sizes available: One size: 25g

Analysis: Protein 36.5%, Oil 12.5%, Ash 14.0%, Fibre 3.0%, Vitamin A 10,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D3 2,400 IU/kg, Vitamin E 500 IU/kg