• Antos Natural Antlers S-XL


    Available in four sizes, always choose according to the need of your dog. Being splinter-resistant, this dog chew is an ideal replacement for bone-based treats. An antler dog chew does not break or splinter, instead, it slowly wears down while satisfying your dog's natural chewing urge. Odourless and mess-free, this dog chew treat would make a perfect gift for someone who has adopted a pup or a dog. All the antlers come from a sustainable source and are 100% natural and healthy.

    Product Benefits

    • High-quality 100% natural antler dog chew for hours of chewing pleasure
    • Splinter resistant, hence a perfect replacement for bone-based treats
    • Wears down slowly to expose the bone marrow of antler
    • Perfect for teething puppies that cannot chew bones
    • Cleans teeth and strengthen jaws

    Exactly size and shape will vary as these are a natural item.